20 September Artist Conversation

Patricia Rangel was one of this weeks artists. When I arrived at the gallery she was surrounded by students asking questions, once I had seen her art I had to join the line, waiting to speak with her. The picture above gives you an idea of her medium. She uses a mixture of mud and cement to create these blocks, as if they had been cut right out of the ground. On the floor of the exhibit the mud blocks were laid out as if buildings in a small city. I mentioned this to Patricia and although she said that she had only set up the block in that formation today, she agreed that the mud society she had created was on point with meaning behind the work. She mentioned how each mud block could crumble, but how together they were all one. This dynamic is reflective of many of the cities in our world. Patricia Rangel is hard to find online, but I advise anyone to go this week to check out her projects.


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