20 September Plaster Cast

This weeks project was to create a plaster cast hand on the beach. Having done a similar project before it was nice to know the ropes and put some of my previous knowledge into the exercise this time. The trick is to use firm sand around your hand to make sure the shape holds. I was very happy this week with my project and I think it came out really well! Although there isn’t detail between the fingers the thumb came out very defined. This was my first attempt. The second attempt unfortunately got lost to the waves as I completely missed judged how quick the tide was approaching. Perhaps one day it was surface as an ancient artifact from our era… who knows.


20 September Artist Conversation

Patricia Rangel was one of this weeks artists. When I arrived at the gallery she was surrounded by students asking questions, once I had seen her art I had to join the line, waiting to speak with her. The picture above gives you an idea of her medium. She uses a mixture of mud and cement to create these blocks, as if they had been cut right out of the ground. On the floor of the exhibit the mud blocks were laid out as if buildings in a small city. I mentioned this to Patricia and although she said that she had only set up the block in that formation today, she agreed that the mud society she had created was on point with meaning behind the work. She mentioned how each mud block could crumble, but how together they were all one. This dynamic is reflective of many of the cities in our world. Patricia Rangel is hard to find online, but I advise anyone to go this week to check out her projects.

20 September Classmate Conversation

My classmate interview this week was with Marie Mendez. Marie is from close by and attended Wilson High School. She is a junior at CSULB and enjoys playing soccer with her friends. Marie says that she wishes she had taken this class sooner because it has rekindled her passion for artwork. She knew a great art scene existed in Long Beach, but never made the move to become involved. She said that each week she looks forward to checking out the galleries and on her free time she has committed to exploring more of Long Beaches galleries her self! Keep up the great work Marie!

14 September Artist Conversation

Bridget Batch was this weeks artist at the student galleries and I found her work the most interesting in the galleries. This photography shot was one of a couple of her newest works. She really looks to combine technology with nature. She uses photography to capture impressive landscapes, but then finds a way to make it her own. While getting lost in these amazing photos, I turned to look down and found another example of her work. This time a projector preserving the path of her childhood home, with only one stone physically present surrounded by the grass of her garden. I truly enjoyed Bridget Batches work, to find out more visit her online portfolio at: http://www.bridgetbatch.com/

14 September Classmate Conversation

This week I met my classmate Austin Naud. Although I remembered Austin from the dorms last year, this was our first proper conversation. I discovered Austin’s passion was soccer. He plays on an intermural team, as well as on FIFA everyday. Having a passion is a great thing, but Austin has more than just that. He is interested in a variety of things from having fun at the beach, to discovering his own spirituality. Austin has a great eye for art and he says he was drawn to Bridget Batch as well. We both discussed how glad we were to explore the back gallery, which most of our peers probably didn’t take the time to check out.

07 September Classmate Conversation

Today, Thursday, I spoke with my classmate Sarah De Leon. My first impression of her is that she is a very motivated person. As well as focusing hard of school Sarah has many extreme sport hobbies such as white water rafting and rock climbing. She is also very involved with her sorority and took the time to introduce me to some fraternities after our art class! Sarah, self admittedly, said that she didn’t know a lot about art, but she loves to go to galleries and find her own interpretation in the works. She was also a fan of Maria Rendon, one of the host artists, we agreed that we struggled to find her inspiration in the pieces, but both loved the medium of how the art looked and felt.